Fast, easy ways to de-stress


Being chronically stressed can be a killer.  High levels of stress have been associated with weight gain, high blood pressure, and even heart disease.  So how can you stop the stress?  One easy way is to look away from your computer screen.

"Focusing on the computer, concentrating on our work, the blink rate can decrease by up to 50 percent," Christopher Starr, MD, Director of Refractory Surgery.

Looking away even for a few minutes can help refresh your brain and your eyes.  Or, take a couple of deep breaths.  Breathing deeply has been shown to lower blood pressure and help you relax.

Chewing gum can help you breathe easier and has been shown to relieve anxiety.  And there's always the proverbial best medicine; in one study, even the anticipation of something being funny was enough to boost endorphin levels in the brain.

The American Psychological Association recommends eating a banana to help relieve stress.  Kissing can also help lower stress hormones in your body.

Finally, taking a ten minute walk in a green space is another easy way to beat stress.  According to research from the UK, it not only will help clear your mind, but it will help improve your blood pressure and put your brain in a state of meditation.