Foods that stress you out


Piles of papers, deadlines, constant phone calls—all can cause stress at work.  But what about what you're eating?  Your diet could be feeding your stress at work, look out for these foods.

First are foods high in sodium.  Fries, chips, and even deli meats cause the body to retain fluids and can lead to hypertension. Instead eat grilled, low fat foods and take a quick walk to help reduce blood pressure.

Look out for caffeine too. Large amounts of caffeine can lead to anxiety and loss of concentration, which can make you less productive and put you behind. Moderation is the key.

Eating lots of fatty foods can put stress on the heart. Fried foods aren't the only culprits. Large amounts of whole-fat dairy like milk, cheese, and yogurt can cause concern. Using skim milk instead of cream in your coffee is a little change that can make a difference.

Limiting junk foods and alcohol can help reduce stress as well. Alcohol in particular has been shown to release the stress hormone cortisol in your body.