Hundreds attend 2014 Health & Lifestyle Expo

Crowds gain new ways to promote healthy living


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Channel 4's 2014 Health and Lifestyle Expo ended Sunday, but hundreds of locals went home with great information on staying healthy.

Dozens of vendors packed the Avenues mall over the weekend to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Attendees say the event was very helpful and they learned a lot about staying healthy. The young ones were able to have some fun, too.


Khadija Kamara, 15, is getting an early start learning healthy habits. She said not only does she want to live a long, fulfilled life, but she also wants to take after her mother.

"My mom is in the health care business, and she has a lot of knowledge about that," said Kamara. "I want to be in the health care business--there's tons of health care things that are very interesting to see."

Kamara and the hundreds of others who made it out to the expo got to experience a bit of everything -- gyms, hospitals and even organic coffee makers. Vendors offered all sorts of products and services.


Vivian Robertson said it's a nice event, especially for those who don't have health insurance.

"Everything is free and fun, and I like to know what's going on with my health," said Robertson. 

Kamara said she hopes Channel 4 will have more expos in the future. 

"Young people come and get common knowledge about health and health care, and how to manage health care," said Kamara. "It kind of makes you more appreciative and more knowledgeable about our world and your health."

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