Natural pain killers

Doctor recommends tumeric, ginger root, magnesium


There are lots of ways to fight pain. Taking over the counter medications are an option, but many people look for other ways to battle it and avoid potential side-effects at the same time. So, they try natural pain killers.

Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Roxanne Sukol says tumeric capsules are high on her list and actually work better if you don't take them with water.

"With a glass of low sodium tomato juice and adding in a little bit of olive oil, just a drop, and a little bit of cracked black pepper and those things both enhance the absorption of the tumeric," she explained.

Tumeric is also found in yellow mustard and is not only a natural anti-inflammatory agent, but it is also said to promote circulation, detoxification and tissue repair.


Sukol says ginger is a great natural pain fighter, too.  You can take it as a capsule, as a tea, or cook with raw ginger root or ginger powder.

Magnesium is great for decreasing muscle spasms or muscle aches. However, Sukol says you may want to wait to take it at night.

"It happens to relax the nervous system a little bit, so it's a great choice for before bedtime and it may help people sleep a little bit better," she said.

You should be able to find these natural pain fighters in a typical drug or grocery store, but your best bet will be to look in a natural foods store.