Alternative pregnancy pain relievers


Most women experience pain during the course of pregnancy, but many look for non-pharmacological ways to relieve it. The good news is that there are alternatives. 

Cleveland Clinic Obstetrician Dr. Jeff Chapa says you don't necessarily have to run to the medicine cabinet to find pain relief when you're pregnant.

"A lot of times we recommend increasing activity, stretching, massage, a bath, a hot bath," he said.

Chapa says some women turn to things like acupuncture for relief. Studies have shown acupuncture can be effective for pain during pregnancy -- especially low back pain. Your doctor may even recommend an herbal supplement. But Chapa says he gets feedback from his patients who say regular exercise during pregnancy can help to ease some of the pain.

"One thing, just anecdotally that I've noticed is that women who exercise during pregnancy, regularly, seem to have less complaints of pain," explained Chapa

Swimming, walking, or simply stretching may all help.  Chapa says to consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program while you're pregnant.