Burn calories without going to the gym


You've cut calories by eating healthy and started hitting the gym. But still can't seem to lose that winter weight?  The most basic way to lose weight is to slash calories.  But how many do you really have to burn to see results?

If you burn 500 calories each day you can lose one pound a week.  Try simple activities to burn extra calories like joining the kids on the trampoline.  By jumping for 30 minutes, a 150 pound person can burn 126 calories.

Also, try shopping it off. You can torch about eleven calories for every outfit you try on.

You can even try burning calories while making your yard beautiful.  Constantly bending and squatting to reach plants is great for your glute muscles.  Just 40 minutes of gardening could burn about 200 calories. 

Another way to melt extra calories is to wash and wax your ride.  You can burn about 200 calories in 40 minutes. If it's too cold outside to wash your car yourself, try bowling.  You can burn around 170 calories an hour.