Common places people miss when applying sunscreen


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We're always reminded to rub on the sunscreen each time we're out in the summer sun. But even if we do remember to lather up, there are certain parts of the body we often forget about.

"So, common places people miss are going to be the ears, your eyelids, your lips, places covered by like straps of clothing," said Cleveland Clinic Dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Lucas.

A 2007 study from the skin Cancer Foundation Journal listed ears as the third most frequent location for skin cancers, so be sure to apply sunscreen generously.

A lot of us also forget to put sunscreen on the top of our feet. The soles of our feet are protected by a thick layer of dead skin cells that limit the amount of UV light that can get in, but the other side is vulnerable.

The best way to protect your eyelids is to wear sunglasses, but if you're trying to avoid tan lines, Lucas says to use a moisturizer with SPF in it.  It will absorb better than sunscreen.

And if you leave the house without a hat your scalp can burn, so don't forget to rub the sunscreen in.

"If you're going to put sunscreen on and you want it to protect the top of your head you need to rub it on the skin, so however that's going to be that you can get that layer that you know has contact on that skin. Yeah, it may make your hair greasy and goopy, but you need that layer of coverage actually touching the skin," explained Lucas.

And be sure to throw on some lip balm with some SPF to keep your lips protected too. Skin cancers of the lip most frequently occur in fair-skinned males over 50.