Playing in the heat can lead to heat rash

Ways to avoid developing heat rash


When you have a busy schedules it's hard to slow down sometimes, even on 90 degree days.  When the temperatures get up there kids and their parents are at risk for developing heat rash.

Pediatrician Dr. Emma Raisman says heat rash is a common condition that typically occurs on hot, humid days. It might look like tiny bumps surrounded by a zone of red skin.

It begins with excessive perspiration and the ducts from the sweat glands in the skin become blocked.  This causes the sweat to leak into the surrounding tissue, causing irritation and redness.

It's most common in infants, but active people and children are at risk, too.  Dr. Raizman says if you or your child experiences heat rash, you should start the cool-down process right away.

"Cool them off with a fan, bring them into the air conditioning, rather than trying to dry off the sweat with a towel. So, as much as you can kind of cool them off, that's what you want to do. Then putting them in a cool bath is also a great thing," says Raizman.

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