Doctors say it's time for your summer physical

'What's going around' report finds summer is typically a slow season for doctors

Doctors say right now is one of their slowest times of the year. We'll tell what appointment you should make now and not procrastinate.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Summer is not the busiest time for doctors. In fact, many say the summer is their slowest season.  People tend to just seem to cope with their own health problems.  We talked with a doctor who said it's actually a good time to get a routine check up.

"Most people are out on vacation, enjoying themselves, they're able to handle illnesses better with colds and stuff because the weather is nicer," says Dr. Reetu Grewal.

Viruses don't replicate in the summer like they do in the winter.  Therefore,  people are less likely to get sick. According to Grewal at UF Health Baymeadows even when they do the illness is less severe.  But the one thing you don't want to skip this summer is your physical.

"The worst thing we have is the week before school and we can't fit patients in for their physical so now's a good time, we're not busy, come on in," says Grewal.

Even if you don't have any health problems you shouldn't ignore your yearly physical.  It allows doctors to build a history of your health.

"It's more of a time for us to council patients on being healthy and also to catch things. We may find out stuff about their previous medical history or their family history that will be important for them later on that we often don't ask when they come in for a sick visit," says Grewal.

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