Best cancer-fighting foods

Nutritionist reveals her top 4 choices


You're told you have cancer. What you put in your body before and after diagnosis could be the difference in surviving or dying.  We know what's good, but what's best when it comes to cancer fighting foods?

"Mint is one of the biggest cancer fighting foods," explained nutritional educator Rebecca Katz, MS. "It has a phytochemical in it that is really good at what I call turning the master cancer cell switch off."

Katz uses food to maximize cancer treatments and minimize side effects from drugs. What are her top picks?

"Cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are full of different phytochemicals that truly create that really inhospitable environment for cancer cells to grow, particularly breast cancer," Katz explained.

Eating the right foods could be the key to surviving whatever ails you.

Meantime, researchers at the National Cancer Institute found that people with the highest intake of soda were as much as six times more likely to develop skin cancer than those who hardly touched the stuff.