Protecting students against the flu

Tony Boselli's 'Healthy Schools' campaign backs the effort

Students in Duval County are getting a chance to protect themselves from the flu, for free.

Starting next Tuesday the "Healthy Schools" program will offer the fu mist to all students regardless of their health insurance. Consent forms will go out to parents Tuesday.

The initiative is backed by former Jaguars star Tony Boselli.

If the child has insurance the insurance company is billed, according to Boselli. Uninsured students get the vaccine at no cost, he said.

Duval County schools are hoping parents will let their kids get vaccinated and some are suggesting something different than the flu shot.

"Protecting our children against the flu will lead to fewer absences and missed days by student," said Duval County Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti.

Students will be administered the nasal mist. "A lot of students are worried about getting a needle," Boselli said. "This takes away the fear and protects the kids."

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