Health benefits of honey


You can do more with honey than put it in your tea! First off, honey naturally suppresses a cough. That constant tickle in your throat or that cough that just won't quit can be stopped with a spoonful of the sweet stuff. Studies show that it even works better than a cough drop.

Also, honey soothes burns and can be used by putting it on a minor burn to stop that stinging feeling. Honey also has an anti-inflammatory effect and can prevent the burn from getting infected, which means a faster recovery.

Honey provides sleep relief. It helps in the action of tryptophan which causes people to be tired.

Another benefit of honey is that it boosts our immune systems. Honey contains phytonutrients that have antibacterial and antiviral properties. These help your immune system by fighting sickness.

Honey also helps heal wounds. By placing honey on a wound it helps to sterilize and also prevents scabbing by keeping the wound moist. Just add a layer of honey over the wound and then a cotton ball and a Band-Aid.