Holiday season can be hard on the heart


The holiday season is here, which will make for busier schedules and the potential to "overdo it" for the next 6 weeks, or so.  Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Dr. Samir Kapadia says the stress we feel during the holiday season can be especially hard on our hearts.

"Stress is related to the holidays, stress is related to the social events, people who are separated and aren't living together and the holidays come, emotionally it is very stressful to them. All of these things work against you," Kapadia explained.

Kapadia says additional heart attack risk factors like cold weather and binge eating can create the perfect storm for heart trouble during the holidays. In fact, one study found heart-related deaths increased 5% during the holiday season. Experts believe this is partly because people will ignore the signs of heart trouble and delay treatment.

Kapadia says that's why you should make your health a priority during the holidays and every day.

"If you want to be healthy you put health as your highest priority, so even at the holidays, even when you're partying," Kapadia added.

Kapadia says making healthier choices over the holidays and remaining physically active will also reduce your risk.