Dates different this year for health insurance

Enrollment open until February 15, 2015


If you are enrolling for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, it's a little different this year. Experts are advising you to double check the plans, because like most health insurance, the plans change from year to year.

The dates are also a little different, with enrollment now open through February 15. If you sign up by December 15, you will have coverage starting January 1. If you sign up after December 15, you will get coverage starting February 1. And, if you sign up on the last day, which again is February 25, your coverage will start March 1. Experts want everyone to understand the dates because if you don't have health insurance, you face a penalty.

"So come April when you file your taxes for tax year 2014, you're going to have to make a statement that you had insurance for nine months of this year. You're going to have to do the same thing for next year so if you want to avoid paying a penalty, you need to get insurance," said Kansas State University Community Health Specialist Roberta Riportella.

As long as your coverage starts by March 1, you are meeting the federal mandate. To sign up go to Healthcare.gov. You can call 1 (866) 295-5955 to find local Navigators.  There will also be another free city-wide enrollment event December 13 at the  Regency Square Mall from 9am - 3pm.