Newer therapies for smoother skin

South Florida dermatologist explains 3-pronged approach to look younger


DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – A smile can light up a room, but the lines left behind can be a real downer.

"Most commonly the reason people come in the office is they don't like the wrinkles around their mouth and the other place is their eyes," explained dermatologist Dr. Janet Allenby.

Allenby helps patients to smoother skin wiht a new three-pronged approach.  She starts the latest in lip injectables - a product called Restylane Silk.

"The Restylane Silk is something that's very fine in its particle matter and when you inject it, it kind of goes like a sheet under the skin, so when you have all those teeny lines that everybody absolutely hates, you can actually pretty much eradicate them by making a sheet under the lip," she explained.

In minutes your lips can go from flat to fabulous.  The cost is $600 and the benefits last about six months.

"I'm very surprised usually when I have work done around the lips it hurts, this didn't hurt at all and I love the results," said one of Allenby's patients.

And say bye bye to those under-eye bags with this clever at-home kit. It's called Neotensil. In a matter of minutes, she says you'll look bright-eyed and years younger.

"It's a material the comes like a gel. It's placed under the eyes and it actually contracts everything and it almost looks like Saran Wrap going on," Allenby explained.

The cost for this kit is $500 and it gives you 50 applications.

Finally ,Allenby points to the latest in Skinceuticals, a home laser treatment that can tighten up that sagging skin.  It carries the same technology that doctors use, but not as strong.

"Its a once a day treatment you do whatever you choose, once a morning, once at night," said Allenby.

Allenby says the laser is a one-time cost of $600, which includes two anti-aging products.