4 foods that are bad for you skin


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Almost 85% of Americans have struggled with acne at some point in their lives. Many people also suffer from their skin looking old and dull. Did you know that your skin is affected by what you eat? Simple changes in your diet could lead to the clear, youthful skin you have always wanted.

First, eating a lot of foods with sugar like dried fruits or soda, or eating simple carbs like bagels, pasta and cake can mess up your insulin levels, which can lead to inflammation inside the body as well as your face. A hidden culprit of this is sugary cereals.

Next, avoid heating meats at high temperatures because it produces a chemical reaction between the fat and protein that are linked to oxidative stress and inflammation. This can leave your skin looking duller, more wrinkled and all around older. This also can be found in chips and other fried foods.

Avoid salty snacks like chips and crackers. Foods loaded with sodium lead to water retention. Puffiness all over or in the eyes could be a result of this. Instead try eating roasted nuts.

Finally, avoid dairy, if you can. Studies since the 1960's have linked dairy consumption to breakouts. Skim milk has been seen to be the worst dairy for acne. However cutting back on dairy in your diet altogether, could help.