Rethink food, slash your risk of disease


HOUSTON, Texas – What if you were told that you can prevent and reverse disease through the proper food choices? That's exactly the message one woman is sharing after interviewing more than 100 doctors, nutritionists and athletes across the country.

Fresh fruit, nuts, hearty salads and even desserts, Shushana Castle says going vegan doesn't have to be boring.

"Don't feel that you'll be deprived of foods," said Castle.

And it could save your life. Castle is the co-author of Rethink Food: 100+ Doctors Can't Be Wrong. In it, top doctors challenge us to eliminate meat and dairy so our bodies can heal.

"We are learning new areas of science by simple evidence that plant nutrition does indeed contain every nutrient that our body does require," Castle explained.

Baxter Montgomery, MD, Cardiologist at Montgomery Heart & Wellness in Houston, contributed to the book. He says eating meat and dairy leads to inflammation in the body, a hallmark of disease.

"An inflammation underscores virtually every chronic illness that we know of," Baxter said.

Cut out foods that create inflammation and you'll take charge of your health.

"You know the eggs, the bacon, all that stuff, those are cancer promoting foods. So as long as you eat cancer promoting foods, then you have cancer," explained Baxter. "We've actually had patients with advanced heart disease that we've shown reverse the heart disease on these diets. People going from diabetes on a 100 units of insulin going to nothing."

Montgomery runs a nutritional boot camp at his practice. By simply switching to a plant based diet, patients slash inflammation by 34% on average in just four weeks and drop 5% of their body weight.

"What we're doing is allowing the body to heal itself in a natural way. You can't get a better cure than that," Baxter said.

Baxter became especially interested in plant based diets a decade ago when he suffered with high cholesterol. The former meat eater has been able to control it with his new eating habits ever since.