Free '7 Minute Workout' app now available


ORLANDO, Fla. – Got seven minutes? One Orlando fitness expert says that's all the time it takes to start transforming your body. Chris Jordan is Director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute in Orlando. he says grab a chair, find a wall, and lace up a sturdy pair of workout shoes. The "7 Minute Workout" is designed to hit all the major muscle groups, without spending all your time in the gym.

Jordan designed a workout, based on a concept called high intensity interval training or HIIT at one time, HIIT was popular only with elite athletes.

"The reality is anyone can do interval training," he said.

Jordan's seven minute workout combines aerobic and resistance moves, for the lower body, then the upper body, and core.

"There are 12 exercises, specifically designed and ordered and each exercise is done for 30 seconds. 12 times 30 is six minutes," he explained.

Jordan allows five seconds in-between each exercise to transition, adding up to the seven minutes.

The circuit starts with jumping jacks, followed by a wall sit. Then push-ups, crunches, and a step-up, alternating legs, to get the heart pumping. Next, back to lower body with squats, then tricep dips and a plank, to work the core. Follow that with lunges, pushups with a side rotation, and a side plank.   

Too much to remember? You can have a virtual trainer at your fingertips. It's a free, downloadable app to keep you on track.

"The good news is, any exercise is good for you. You're going to feel the benefits almost immediately," Jordan said.

Jordan explains his workout is designed so people can build up to three circuits or about 21 minutes of exercise on three non-consecutive days. The workout was originally designed for Johnson and Johnson's Human Performance Institute's corporate clients, but is now available to everyone. For the free download go to:  http://7minuteworkout.jnj.com.