Tips for thinning hair


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Thinning hair in men and women can begin as early as their late 20's and many can experience more loss in their 40's. Although there aren't many ways to stop your hair from thinning out, there are tricks of the trade to mask it with style.

Age, heat damage and over-coloring are all culprits that can cause your hair to thin. But luckily, there are techniques to give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

An easy way is to try coloring your hair one to two shades darker. Darker colors block light from hitting the scalp which gives the appearance of thicker hair.

Avoid using hair products with shine such as gels and pomades. Shiny products reflect light, drawing more attention to a troubled spot.

Try a shorter hair style. Longer styles can accentuate less full spots and a blunt hair cut can help thicken it up.

Always pay attention to how you wash your hair. Your hair is more fragile when it's wet so always dry your hair with a soft towel or cotton t-shirt gently. Vigorously drying the hair can break the roots.

And if you suffer from thin hair, always carefully blow dry the hair on low-heat settings to avoid heat damage. It's better to take your time at a lower setting than to thin your hair out even more.

Another tip to avoid thinning your hair is to stay away from ponytails and pulled back styles as this can add more stress to the hair.