Get your vitamins from food instead of pills


Do you really know what's inside the pills you buy? A recent investigation revealed that many pills don't contain the ingredients that they say they do. Luckily, those same vitamins can often be absorbed through your food!

Instead of a vitamin c pill, eat an orange! One large orange contains 97.9 milligrams of vitamin C.

For strong bones and teeth, muscle movement and nerve function, just one serving of kale has over 10 percent of the recommended amount of calcium in a day!

B12 vitamins are often taken for red blood cell formation and neurological function. One large egg has 10 percent of the recommended daily value of B12.

37 percent of people take vitamin A supplements, which is important for vision, your immune system, reproduction, and your heart. But just one baked sweet potato has 561 percent of the daily recommended value per serving.  So skip the pills and pick up a fork for the same nutrients in a more natural way.

Vitamin D is available in very few foods, but it can be absorbed through fatty fish like salmon and tuna.