Kids need a nutritious back-to-school breakfast


Getting your kids to eat breakfast can be a challenge as they're rolling
out of bed and rushing off to school.  Pediatrician Dr. Richard So with Cleveland Clinic Children's says children need a nutritious breakfast for an A+ start to their

"Your brain needs fuel to think and perform optimally during your school day," So explained.

A healthy first meal gives kids energy and balanced nutrition. Research shows that eating a good breakfast may help with memory, academic performance, attendance and mood. It may also be associated with a healthier body weight in kids.  

So says simple foods work well for a quick breakfast. Toast with peanut butter, a piece of cheese, fruit or a bowl of cereal are all good choices for kids on the go in the morning. It's a good idea to give kids something with a little protein and a
carbohydrate - preferably a whole grain or a piece of fruit. Adding something with fiber, like fruit or berries, will help carry them through lunch by keeping them feeling fuller, longer.

Kids who play sports might gravitate towards a really heavy protein shake, but dr. so says breakfast isn't the best time for that.

"Your body builds your proteins while you're sleeping and that can make you a little more fatigued during the day," explained So.