Yoga routine to do before bed

Trainer reveals 6-minute routine to help you sleep better


TAMPA, Fla. – Sometimes no matter how hard you try and relax, it's hard to slip into dreamland.

"I have clients who have really grueling schedules in professional sports, so they have trouble sleeping," said yoga mobility trainer Dana Santas.

When she's not spending time with her son, Santas teaches pro athletes in different sports, to trade in their X's and O's for some needed Z's.

"What are poses we can do right before we get into bed to sort of realign our bodies and inhibit those muscles that have been overactive all day long," she explained.

Santas believes just six minutes of specific yoga poses before bed is all it takes for a better night's sleep, regardless of your calling in life.

"My mind's racing and so, you have the thoughts jumping around," said Jeannine Timmins, a yoga student.

Another yoga student Mary Derkevics said, "Your brain function, everything, relies on sleep."

So here's Santas' six minutes to sleep success:

  • First, hold onto the bedframe and do a squat.
  • Then, a warrior one pose with one leg in front and the back leg straight.
  • Now, get into bed with a pillow under the legs.
  • Once you're set, try the bent knee twist. This stretches your low back muscles and opens your chest.
  • And last, take deep or diaphragmatic breaths — counting them backwards from 20 to one.

  • "You want to start to get into this, doing this as a ritual every single night," Santas said, because this routine relaxes your body and clears your head for a perfect night's sleep.

    Researchers at Harvard Medical School investigated how a daily yoga practice might affect sleep for people with insomnia and found broad improvements to measurements of sleep quality and quantity.