Fitness apps can make it more fun to exercise


The inspiration to get you off the couch is sitting as close as your smartphone. Fun fitness apps are turning workouts into games.

Zombies, Run!' is great for interval training. The app gets you to run faster for certain amounts of time to stay ahead of zombies. Become a superhero and save the world with this app! But you've got to complete various exercises before your weapons can be activated.

Nexercise tracks your movement and rewards you. The more you work out, the more points you earn. Sounds pretty standard, right? The difference:  these points are actually worth something. You can turn your workout points into gift cards at major stores.

And with ‘Pact' you make agreements with other users for working out and eating right. And if you stick to your goals, you get paid!

Maybe some of these apps can get you and your checkbook healthier.