Local doctors aren't seeing much flu but watch out for a nasty stomach virus

What's Going Around


JACKSONVILLE, Fl – Pediatricians in Duval County say a viral cold is going around.  It comes with chest congestion and it's turning into a cough that sounds like croup.  If your child doesn't have a fever you can give it a few days to see if it clears according to doctors.   If doesn't you probably want to bring them in for a checkup.  Hand, foot, and mouth disease is also going around in Duval County.  It's also viral and has to run it's course.

In Clay County at the CareSpot on Southside Boulevard doctors are treating sinus infections,  bronchitis, and ear infections.  They said they're not seeing much flu yet with just one case in the past week.

In Nassau County at the CareSpot in Yulee they're treating strep throat, sinus infections and bronchitis.

Doctors at Healing Arts Urgent Care in St. Johns County says a nasty stomach virus is going around. Patients are experiencing nausea, vomiting, loose stools, and  abdominal discomfort.  Doctors say the patients sometimes have fevers but not always.  Doctors say they haven't really seen flu in the past six to eight weeks.

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