Don't get sick during the Holidays

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla – It's a slow start to this year's flu season but the CDC estimates that anywhere from between 15 to 40 percent of the population will develop influenza every year.  Influenza activity has remained stable this season and experts warn while activity is low, these early levels don't guarantee a mild influenza season.  All Florida counties right now are reporting mild or no influenza activity.   We talked with a UF Health E-R doctor about circumstances that could lead to more people getting sick with the flu.

"We're heading into cold and flu season season hasn't hit yet we haven't seen the uptick and flu yet and probably because were having an unseasonably warm fall we haven't really seen the cold weather hit which typically brings on the flu like symptoms, " says Dr. Ashley Norse.

Doctors in St. Johns County at Healing Arts Urgent Care say there's always an increase in people getting sick after the Thanksgiving holiday.   People are gathering together in close quarters and there's a lot of hugging and kissing.  So just be aware of who is sick and try not to share utensils or glasses.  Also wash your hands often.

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