Three things that will help you avoid getting sick during the holidays

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Staying healthy during the holidays
Staying healthy during the holidays

JACKSONVILLE, Fla –  If you're sick, join the club. Staying healthy during the holidays can be a challenge.  Here are some simple suggestions from a Jacksonville doctor to keep you from getting sick.

"After Thanksgiving, people get sick. In fact, already in my office today, we've had some people that are sick because they were with their families over Thanksgiving," says Dr. Scot Ackerman

Ackerman with First Coast Oncology says it happens ever year. The week after Thanksgiving can be a sick one for people because of all the Thanksgiving food, folks, fun and germs.  So if you're not feeling well, you're not alone.

"When families get together, they're touching, we're hugging each other, we're kissing each other and that's a great way to spread germs," says Ackerman.

It's not the up and down temperatures or failing to wear a coat but, it's those germs that get people sick.

"Germs, bacteria, and viruses are typically transmitted in the air, they go on surfaces. They could be on cell phones and those sort of things cans harbor these viruses and bacteria over a while. So keep these sources clean and make sure you're washing your hands diligently," says Ackerman.​

Some other advice make sure you clean your desk top or if you're using a phone that someone else is using, wipe it down from time to time as well.

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