Save hundreds of dollars on lab tests

Less expensive options for blood work by ignoring insurance


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Common lab tests can be expensive, but there is a way to save hundreds of dollars. Independent labs can offer the same services at a fraction of the price.

Cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid screenings are all common labs that, even after insurance, could cost hundreds of dollars each if people don't go to a doctor's office. But there's a less expensive option outside of the doctor's office.  

Debbie Braud has beaten breast cancer and she's currently getting care for hypothyroidism. Every year, she has to do a number of tests and they are expensive.

"I was doing a complete metabolic panel with thyroid testing and thyroid functional testing, and it was costing me about $500 to do that, even after insurance was factored in," Braud said.

Braud works next door to a business called Any Lab Tests Now on 13170 Atlantic Boulevard #60 in Jacksonville. She went in one day to ask some questions and ended up saving $250 on blood work.

"I save a lot of money coming here," Braud said. 

Owner Mike Griffiths said people could save on any number of tests.

"Our basic cholesterol test is $49. You go to your physician's office, and you could pay $49, or you could potentially pay three to four times more than that," Griffiths said.

Griffiths and Braud both said it pays to do research. All of the prices are laid out, so people don't have to guess how much the tests cost. 

"I'm able to get exactly the lab work I need quoted before I even have to do the lab work and pay for it," Braud said. "Whenever I go through my labs through the insurance, they tell me what it is after, and sometimes, it's really shocking what it really is."

Here are some sample prices at Any Lab Test Now:

  • A complete blood count, or CBC test, which gives a snapshot of overall health, costs $49.
  • Braud's thyroid panel that checks levels and is a screen for thyroid disease is $79.
  • A basic STD panel to check for a variety of sexually transmitted diseases runs $159. 

Griffiths said he offers a reduced rate for patients with a doctor's referral. A cholesterol test that is normally $49 is reduced to $35 if a doctor orders the test.

"I give my physician referrals the very best price we can offer, cut out the middle man completely," Griffiths said.

He pointed out other perks as well.

"Our goal is to get patients in and out in 15 minutes or under, so that is one of the selling points. You're in and out the door, clean facility, professional staff, we get a lot of compliments from the people who have been here," he said.

Any Lab Test Now does not take insurance. However, depending on the deductible, it might be worth the money.

The company also does drug and DNA testing. View a full list of tests offered here. For more information or to compare prices, call 904-220-4840.

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