6 ways to cut your prescription costs


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Seven out of 10 Americans are on prescription drugs, but experts said 50 percent don't take them as prescribed. Cost is one big reason why.

According to Consumer Reports, on average, those who regularly take prescription medication can spend more than $700 every year. The good news is those costs can be cut pretty easily.

Anyone who is on long-term medication can ask their doctor to write a 90-day prescription, instead of just a 30-day supply. If the insurance company allows it, someone can save on multiple co-pays.

Also, people can ask their pharmacy about the retail price out-of-pocket, versus the cost when using insurance. Consumer Reports recently found for some medications -- if drug insurance co-pay is more than $10 -- skipping insurance altogether could save money.

Consumer Reports found too, people hold the power to lower your price. How? When Consumer Reports sent its own shoppers into pharmacies, simply asking for a lower price worked. In one case, they saved $31.

And while asking for discounts, try asking at local independent pharmacies. Consumer Reports found that sometimes, if people ask, they will offer bargain prices or may even offer to meet a competitor's price.

Anyone who's been steering clear of using Costco because they are not a member -- don't. People do not have to be Costco members to get prescriptions filled there. And, Consumer Reports found their prices can be less expensive on some common generic drugs than other chain stores.

Another way to save money is to consider loyalty programs offered at local drug stores such as CVS, Target and Walgreens. Depending on the program, people can get reward dollars to use toward in-store purchases or other discounts. For more information on loyalty programs researched by Consumer Reports, how they work and how to save, go to ConsumerReports.org.

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