Diving into summer with swimmer's ear

What's Going Around week of June 13

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Spending hours in the water during the heat of summer is bringing on several cases of swimmer's ear.

With more time spent on swimming, chances are you or someone you know have been to the doctor's this week with a painful ear infection. Swimmer's ear is common around this time and doctors want you to check in as soon as you feel any pain in your ear. The infection begins when water is caught in the ear canal. Patients will need to see a doctor to get prescribed ear drops.

When we checked in with the Care Spot on the Southside in Duval County, they say they've had a pretty quiet week. They treated just a few cases of work-related injuries.

In Clay County at the Care Spot in Middleburg, the majority of their patients have been suffering from an ear infection. A few people have reported sore throats and colds. Quite a few people have been stung by wasps and bees- mainly adults who have been working on their yards.

In St. Johns County at the Healing Arts Urgent Care in St. Augustine, several people are dealing with pesky yellow flies and itchy bug bites. Swimmer's ear has been keeping their office busy as well.

In Nassau County at the Care Spot in Yulee, strep throat has been the main story there.