Connection to others vital for cancer survivors




By Mayo Clinic News Network


As a cancer survivor, it's so important to keep a close connection with others, including helpful resources that you might need as you recover.


Many times, it's as simple as needing someone to help with errands, shopping or household chores. Or it could be as complicated as getting a ride to your appointments.


When I talk with people about this, they tell me that they're hesitant to ask for help from others as they don't want to seem like a burden. On the other hand, I hear from family and friends who really want to help and don't know what to do.


A connection to others is important. Reach out to your family and friends when you need them. It doesn't always have to be about your cancer. Make a date for lunch, a movie, a walk or a simple cup of coffee.


For specific resources, you may want to explore:

American Cancer Society — Road to Recovery and other support programs: 1-800-227-2345Faith in Action — Connection to others with a spiritual focus (www.putyourfaithinaction.org)CancerCare — Cancer support services for anyone affected by cancer (www.cancercare.org)


Source: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/cancer/expert-blog/cancer-and-reaching-out/bgp-20056355