What's Going Around- Back to school edition

What's Going Around week of August 8th

Back to school jitters aren't the only thing that has some children feeling sick to their stomach.

Parents we want to make sure your kids make the grade this year when it comes to their health. Doctors say they usually expect a spike in strep throat and mono at the beginning of the year

With the hustle of back to school shopping, doctors really want to make sure you're not forgetting about your child's health- that means getting a physical before the first day of school.

The classroom can be a breeding ground for germs so preventative measures can really make a difference. Teach your children to wash their hands frequently, cough into their sleeve instead of their hands, and avoid sharing things like water bottles, drinks or towels.

Along with school physicals, don't forget about a visit to the dentist and the eye doctor.

What's Going Around

Doctors in Duval County at the Care Spot on the Southside say they've been treating a lot of patients with a cold and congestion.

In Clay County at the Care Spot in Middleburg, they've been busy with school physicals. Many people are coming in with sore throats, coughing, sinusitis, and infected bug bites.
In St. Johns County at the Healing Arts Urgent Care in St. Augustine, they say a lot of patients are getting treated for poison ivy and sinusitis.

In Nassau County at the Care Spot in Yulee, they've seen a spike in flu-like and cold symptoms. Strep throat, sinus infections and ear infections are also making their rounds.