EpiPen alternative poses cost questions

Health care experts split on best options

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Many River City EpiPen patients are putting off buying the treatment they need to survive an allergic reaction. However, an alternative drug could bring relief and save money.

With the average cost of an EpiPen sitting at over $600, Adrenalick could be an option. GoodRX.com shows prices for the epinephrine alternative sitting at just over $150. Many say, though, they prefer sticking with EpiPen but wish it was cheaper.

Price gouging has forced the cost of the life-saving drug up more than 400%.

"It's very scary. I just have to hope that if I ever get stung that I'm near a hospital or an ambulance," said Holli Tebbits, a woman suffering from yellow jacket allergies.

From adults to children, one local allergist told News4JAX many of his patients depend on this treatment to stay alive in an emergency.

"We worry about it. We worry about it even when they can afford the EpiPen. In this scenario, they wouldn't even have the EpiPen to use, which means they may not make it to the emergency room," said Dr. Sunil Joshi.

Adrenaclick uses the same drug in the same dosing as EpiPen. However, the way it is administered is different, requiring the patient to remove multiple caps and then push a red tip against the outer thigh until a need punctures the skin. EpiPen just requires removing one cap and injection.

Many health care professionals are impressed by Adrenaclick's cheaper price tag. Others said they believe the extra step in Adrenaclick could get in the way when the clock is ticking.

One thing to remember, Adrenaclick does need to be prescribed by a doctor and coupons are available for EpiPens.

You can check the average prices of your prescription drugs as well as find coupons on GoodRX.com.


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