Winter weather woes

What's Going Around week of January 30, 2017

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After the drop in temperatures over the weekend, doctors say they're seeing it all this week. In fact, they're describing it as the perfect storm for winter illnesses.

In Duval County, the staff at CareSpots around town say almost every other patient they've been treating have tested positive for the flu. Upper respiratory infections and strep throat are making a strong come back.

In Clay County at the CareSpot in Middleburg, many people are struggling to get out of bed because of vomiting and diarrhea from a stomach bug. Strep throat is spreading quickly in schools and work offices. And doctors say they're seeing more people with the flu and less people are getting their flu shots

In St. Johns County at the Healing Arts Urgent Care in St. Augustine, they've been busy treating everything from bronchitis with flu-like symptoms, the flu, a contagious stomach bug, and an increase in strep throat and allergies.

In Nassau County at the CareSpot in Yulee, they've been dominated by flu patients. Up to 20 patients in just this past week have tested positive for the flu.

You've probably heard from your parents that you shouldn't go out in the cold because you could catch a cold.
Doctors say it's a common misconception and the winter weather isn't actually what causes so many illnesses.
When temperatures drop, we tend to stay bundled up inside where we're in closer contact with people who may be carrying germs.

Doctors say protecting yourself against these germs can be as simple as proper hygiene and frequent hand washing.