Red hats for babies promote heart health for moms

Baptist Health, American Heart Association partner to raise awareness


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Heart disease is the No. 1 killer among Americans, but about 80 percent of heart disease deaths could be prevented each year.

Baptist Health is partnering with the American Heart Association for Heart Month to spread the word to their youngest patients and their parents. The campaign is called Little Hats, Big Hearts. Babies born at local Baptist Hospitals will leave with a crocheted red hat that's a symbol to bring awareness to heart health.

"Sometimes pregnancy can be very tough on a mom's body, and so it's very important to make sure moms stay healthy, not only prenatally, but during their pregnancy and postpartum phase, because we know that a healthy mom has healthy babies,” said Cicely Brooks, system perinatal director for Baptist Health. “We want to make sure moms remember to take care of themselves."

At Baptist Health downtown Wednesday, newborn baby Andre received his red hat.

Parents can also get involved by posting a picture of their little ones with a red hat on social media.

The hats are going to babies at all five Baptist hospitals, including Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

Through the campaign, Baptist hopes to help families prevent heart disease and help those with heart problems find the support, resources and treatment they need.

For information on free screenings at a Baptist Y Healthy Living Center, go to baptistjax.com/hlc.

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