Are diet products making you fat?

Study reveals diet products could potentially bring on pounds

Are diet products making you fat?

A new study from the University of Georgia found these so-called good-for-you foods could actually lead to unwanted pounds.

The problem is products designated as diet foods contain low or no fat but to get the flavor there's extra sugar and other additives. The sugar is usually camouflaged under a different name so unless you're really looking closely you might not even know you're consuming it.

Scientists had rats eat a diet high in fat and sugar, another ate a low-fat, high-sugar diet, and the third group ate what they classified as a normal healthy diet.

The high-sugar, low-fat group showed signs of liver fat accumulation, which could lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which can be extremely dangerous.

They also found the rats with that diet needed less than half the number of calories to generate the same amount of body fat.

Bottom line -- make sure you're looking at the amount of sugar in your foods not just fat and calories.

You can't trust all labels. Just because they say it's good for you, doesn't make it true.

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