Hospital dedicating entire floor to women's health

UF Health Jacksonville's North Campus to open women's health floor Tuesday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The new North Campus of UF Health Jacksonville will open its doors Tuesday. The facility will be dedicated to women's health.

For some women, going to the hospital is something they don't usually relish, especially for surgery that may land them a stay for multiple nights. That's why UF Health Jacksonville dedicated an entire floor to women, to make the stay is more comfortable.

“We’ll have a floor dedicated to women's health with an operating floor down the hall -- everything is right there,” said Dr. Laila Samiian, with the UF Health Department of Surgery.

All rooms will feature a flat-screen TV, operated by using an iPad.

The system can be used to access the internet, control the blinds and temperature, communicate with the nurses and order food. Family members will be able to visit 24 hours a day.

Dr. Miriam Louis, with the UF Health Jacksonville, said they hope the floor encourages women to get themselves checked more frequently.

“Women’s health is often misrepresented, or under-represented, and women just do not seek attention until it's too late,” Louis said.

Potential patients such as Jacqueline Spivey said they like the idea of keeping women together.

“Maybe it's sort of like a labor and delivery floor where there are all women who know what you've been through and going through to help you,” Spivey said, "which is much more comfortable than someone being sympathetic, but doesn't quite understand.”

“Not only physical support, but, you know, they go through a lot of psychological things and they need support mentally,” traveling nurse Lois Huffman said. “So I think it's great. I think it's wonderful.”