1 in 5 adults still using tobacco products, CDC says

49 million Americans continue to use tobacco every day


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Centers for Disease Control said 1 in 5 adults are still using tobacco products. It's a first-of-its-kind analysis just released Thursday.

The numbers show that despite the health risk associated with smoking, 49 million Americans continue to use tobacco every day, and many are using more than just one kind of tobacco.

No matter where you go in America, it's easy to spot someone smoking a cigarette. According to a CDC and Food and Drug Administration study, 87 percent of the 49 million tobacco users say their preferred method of tobacco use is through smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

The remaining people surveyed preferred chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

Some of the key findings in the 2015 data was the frequency in which tobacco was used. More than 9 million adults say they used tobacco every day. They also say they use more than one tobacco product.

The study found tobacco use was more common among men than women. Tobacco use was also more common in adults between the ages 25 and 44. Rates of tobacco use were much higher in Midwest.

Also, tobacco use was much higher among people with only a GED, household incomes under $35,000 and adults who are under-insured or rely on Medicaid. Tobacco use was more common among adults with psychological problems.

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