Tony Boselli funds last-minute flu shot clinics

Flu shots offered free of charges to attendees

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Former tackle and Pride of the Jaguars member Tony Boselli is on a mission to make sure nobody is unable to get a flu shot. Healthy Schools, which is funded by Boselli, hosted last-minute flu shot clinics in Clay, Duval and Sumter counties Saturday, where people received flu shots free of charge.

Everyone who attended the clinic was eligible to receive a flu shot at no charge, regardless of their insurance status.

News4Jax spoke with 15-year-old Trevor Feagle, who received a flu shot at Boselli’s clinic.

“I know my cousin, papa, nana, uncle (and) my aunt, they've all had the flu,” Feagle said. 

Feagle inspired News4Jax photographer Andrew Reid to get a flu shot. Because of Reid’s fear of needles, he hasn't received a flu shot in many years. Feagle gave him a little advice before getting his shot. 

“I would say turn your head, count to five and it will be over,” Feagle said. 

Healthy Schools was established after Boselli said he realized just how often students miss out on valuable classroom time when they’re home with the flu. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said it’s still beneficial for children who have not received a flu shot this season to get one now. The CDC recommends that all school-age children should get a flu shot as it can prevent or lessen the severity or duration of the flu. 

The extra day of flu shots came after the request of the Duval County Department of Health in response to the severe and deadly flu epidemic raging this winter.

“We do recommend that children above the age of 6 months old do get the flu shot,” Health Department employee Tawanda Washington said. 

The CDC estimates that 80 to 90 percent of children have died from the flu did not have their flu shot. According to the CDC, 22 children died from this week from the flu. 

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