Jacksonville author discusses steps to relieve stress

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Americans are more stressed than ever, about the state of the country, about work, about money and health insurance according to the American Psychological Association. 

1. Loneliness is closely connected to burnout-
According to the General Social Survey, close to 50 percent of American workers say they are often or always exhausted due to work.General Social Survey also states that the more exhausted American workers are the lonelier they are.  

2. Dangers of loneliness-
Loneliness is closely connected to cancer according to a Brigham and Young study the study continues by stating that loneliness is also linked to declining brain function.

3. Mortality across the globe.
 Recent studies show longevity in life is closely tied to healthy interpersonal relationships.

According to Snowden McFall, there are ways to overcome loneliness. McFall suggests the following examples: 

•Take a new class or start a new hobby with other people; get to know your classmates and have coffee or lunch with them.
• Go to networking functions and aim to meet 2-4 people and follow-up with them for coffee.
• Go to meetup.com and find groups with similar interests.

As an author and speaker on stress management McFall interacts with individuals including women who oftentimes are overwhelmed due to work and family responsibilities. McFall is in the process of writing a book that deals with this, you can find a link to the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/women-survey

McFall states that the circle of completion is a guide to relieving stress and prioritization is very important.