Mom warns parents of tick dangers after daughter left paralyzed

A mother is warning other parents of tick dangers after her daughter was left paralyzed, WPLG reports

Jessica Griffin of Mississippi posted the story of her daughter, Kailyn, to Facebook last week. 

Griffin to Kailyn to the hospital after the girl had trouble walking in the morning. Following a CT scan and blood tests, doctors diagnosed Kailyn with tick paralysis.

A tick that may have been the cause of the paralysis was found and removed from the top of Kailyn's head. The CDC says tick paralysis is caused by a toxin found in tick saliva, reports KABC.

As tick paralysis usually disappears in 24 hours, Griffin posted later that Kailyn was back to her normal self.

Still, Griffin felt alarmed enough to post the warning, which came just one month after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced an up-tick in mosquito, tick and flea-borne illnesses.

So what can you do to protect your kids?

  • Once a week do a sweep around the house for standing water and tall grass. Make sure the water is dumped and the grass is cut.
  • Make sure your kids are covering as much skin as possible with clothing when they're outside.
  • Make sure to use bug repellent, preferably something with DEET in it.