Goodbye summer, hello flu season; time to get vaccinated

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It may not feel like it, but fall officially begins in just a few days. That means saying good-bye to summer and hello to flu season.

The timing of flu can vary each year- starting as early as October and lasting as late as May, according to the CDC.

But according to the experts at the CVS Minute Clinic in Jacksonville, flu is already here. The clinic said they've seen cases of Flu B become more prevalent each day.

Patients are checking in with symptoms like a sore throat, body aches, fevers and chills.

Doctors, including Dr. Thornton with Jacksonville Pediatrics are reminding everyone that getting a flu vaccine is the best way to prevent catching the virus.

"Over the next month, the flu vaccine should be available and it is never too early to get it. As soon as it's available in your doctors office and the community, it's time to get a flu shot," Dr. Thornton said. He's reminding everyone that it can take two weeks for the vaccine to fully kick in and develop. 

The nasal spray is back this flu season after more testing and improvements to the painless option, the CDC reported.