Orange Park Medical Center gets $6.4 million technology upgrade

Technology designed to help enhance patient safety, communication

New technology at Orange Park Medical Center
New technology at Orange Park Medical Center

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – Orange Park Medical Center is coming close to completing a $6.4 million technology upgrade that has been underway for 18 months. The upgrade includes mobile devices and equipment, including iPhones, patient smart bands, wireless vital sign monitors and more.

Orange Park Medical Center is one of just eight hospitals in the country and the only one in Florida to have all of the following:

  • Patient smart band: The new patient band helps doctors and staff members quickly access your information and track your process through the emergency room. The use of smart bands will expand into surgical services and inpatient areas in the future.
  • Wireless monitoring of vital signs: The wireless wrist-worn vital sign monitoring device provides real-time readings to a patient’s care team to allow the patient uninterrupted sleep and to send immediate alerts when irregularities occur. This avoids frequent vital sign checks multiple times a day and throughout the night.
  • Electronic communication boards: An electronic white-boards is mounted on the wall of every emergency and inpatient room, giving the patient live information on who their care team is, pop-ups showing who just walked into their room, goals, medicine, schedules for tests and treatments, diet restrictions and more.
  • Advanced nurse call system: This feature is intended for patients. When a patient pushes the nurse call light an alert is immediately sent to their nurse’s smartphone to improve response time.
  • Real-time equipment locating system: Electronic tracking tags are placed on mobile equipment so the equipment can be quickly located when needed, providing the care team more time at the bedside with patients.
  • iMobile: Staff members have smartphones with secure texting, voice and broadcasting. The devices include a full hospital directory listing so that caregivers can connect in real time and receive your test results instantly. Patients can also communicate with their care team on their mobile device through their nurse call button.

Orange Park Medical Center anticipates the final phase of the upgrade to be complete in early 2020.