Wellness event offered to help slow down outbreak of influenza

Walmart shoppers offered low-cost flu vaccines on Saturday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Walmart offered low-cost flu shots and health screenings on Saturday to help combat the influenza outbreak.

While some people are reluctant to get the vaccine, health experts said there's nothing to fear.

"A lot of people feel as, 'If I get the flu shot, I will get the flu,' and that is not true," Walmart pharmacist Jamaeka Hairston said.

She said that is a myth and those who get the vaccine are better protected from the virus.

"It also might help prevent how serious your symptoms might be, if you do get the flu," Hairston said.

She said the benefits can help prevent the influenza virus or alleviate symptoms if you get sick and said they've seen a lot of patients with the flu.

"It has been pretty heavy. I have been seeing a lot of prescriptions getting filled with people coming in with flu-like symptoms," Hairston said. "You can still get the flu shot even if you kind of feel sick or are coughing."

Walmart pharmacist Kofi Amanquah said getting a flu shot now may save you a lot of misery later.

"We have a lot of people coming in (sick). It’s more than last season," Amanquah said.

The flu shots were part of a wellness screening event for Walmart customers that offered other services including free cholesterol screenings, blood pressure checks and blood glucose tests.

Walmart will be offering another wellness screening day in April. 

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