That nighttime workout may not keep you up late, after all

Study finds timing of exercise has little effect on sleeplessness


Squeezing in an intense workout before bedtime might not actually throw off your sleep cycle, after all. 

In fact, according to a new report from Inverse.com, the time of day that people exercise may have nothing to do with how well, or poorly, they sleep at night.

Citing a study published in Experimental Physiology, the report found that there was little difference in people’s sleep patterns, regardless of whether they worked out in the morning, afternoon or night.

The findings may come as a surprise to people who believe that heavy physical activity before bed can drive up your heart rate and adrenaline, leaving you wide awake when you should be sleeping.

Researchers concluded that you should listen to your body when it comes to choosing the best time to hit the gym or go for a jog, regardless of whether you’re an early bird or night owl.

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