Is mold hiding in your travel mug?

'Seriously y'all: Go check your lids!' woman's viral Facebook post warns

Do you have a travel mug or cup? Go check its lid -- right now, we’ll wait.

Here’s the situation: A woman named Veronica Lucas is encouraging people to make sure they’re cleaning their beverage containers fully -- and all the accompanying parts -- after she made a rather gross discovery last month.

“ … I came home and took the removable seals (that we didn’t even know were removable!) off of our lids -- and THIS is what I found,” Lucas said, posting on Facebook several photos of mold underneath the lid’s removable seal.

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Posted by Veronica Lucas on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

In a word: Grimy.

Safe to say, most people likely imagine that the lids of their travel cups get pretty germy. But here’s the thing to keep in mind: running your mug through the dishwasher isn’t going to solve the problem.

Unless you take the lid apart and clean its parts separately and properly, it just might have some mold hiding inside.

Lucas wanted to spread the message -- and that she has. At last check, her post had been shared more than 123,000 times.

Lucas mentioned the brand Yeti, but made sure to point out that this warning involves all brands of cups with removable lid parts, not just Yeti.

Because Yeti was named in Lucas’ post, we contacted their team and asked for comment.

"We take our customer safety very seriously here at YETI and encourage customers to follow all product usage instructions, including proper cleaning of Rambler lids," a company spokesperson said. "For a thorough cleaning, we recommend removing the lid gasket and MagSlider, which should both be washed and dried separately before reinstalling. Learn more about how to clean YETI Rambler products here."

People in Lucas’ comments section, by the way, were quick to point out that the same considerations should be given to toddler and baby sippy cups.

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