Ew, gross! 10 of the germiest places in hotel rooms


It’s the busiest travel time of the year, but before you pack up your suitcase and head to Grandma’s for the holidays, there’s something you should know about that hotel room you may be staying in -- it’s dirtier than you think!

Before you kick back your feet and turn on the TV, you might want to wipe down that remote with some Lysol wipes to get rid of house guests, such as E. Coli, MRSA and Staph.

Be wary of the drinking glasses, especially if the hotel does not have a restaurant or a kitchen to wash the glasses. The habit of some cleaners is to rinse them under the bathroom tap without using soap and dry them with a hotel towel.

Some other tips: skip making your own coffee. Coffee makers can harbor mold and respiratory viruses if not cleaned properly.

And speaking of not being cleaned properly, one investigation of hotel ice buckets found many of them tested positive for E. Coli.

Now, the room key card? Many hotels reuse them, but they don’t disinfect them, making them prime carriers of bacteria.

And one final thought: setting your luggage on your bed could give bed bugs an easy one-way ticket to your home. So make good use of the luggage stand and keep your stuff off the floor.

Also, be aware, some hotels only require the bedspreads, blankets and mattress pads to be changed every three months.

And those blankets in the wardrobes? They might have been there since the hotel opened. Pillows might have been there for a long time, too.