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Mayo Clinic to furlough some staff, cut pay

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – While hospitals and health facilities have ramped up to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, many are also losing money because of the stay-at-home orders that cause normal appointments, routine and elective procedures to be delayed.

As one of the institutions feeling the financial impact, Mayo Clinic announced Friday it would temporarily furlough some employees and reduce salaries after that through April 28.

“The decision to proactively postpone elective patient care was the right one, but it eliminated most of our revenue at the same time we are making critical investments to develop and expand testing, conduct research to help stop the pandemic, and realign our facilities and care teams to treat COVID-19 patients,” Mayo Clinic said in a statement. “We will work with our teams over the coming weeks to ensure that our staff are supported, that the duration of this disruption is as limited as possible and that we are ready to ramp up quickly and resume full operations when it is safe to do so."

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