Continuing cancer care despite COVID-19 concerns

(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Whether you’re fighting melanoma, or any other type of cancer, staying on top of treatment is important.

But, due to COVID-19, some people are fearful of the virus and hesitant to seek care.

Dr. Dale Shepard, an oncologist at Cleveland Clinic, said when it comes to fighting cancer, everyone’s infection risk is different.

“There are certainly people who are more immunosuppressed than others,” he said. “I think we have found that cancer patients, in general, aren’t necessarily more likely to get infections. But, certainly, if they are in the middle of a treatment, and they are bone marrow suppressed, and their immune system is weakened, that is more of a factor.”

Shepard said there are many treatments for cancer -- and some shouldn’t be delayed.

Some people may be getting chemotherapy to minimize the risk of cancer returning, while others may have advanced-stage cancer, and need therapies to help them live longer or control symptoms.

And then there are active tumors that need to be treated with surgery or chemotherapy right away.

Shepard said some cancer treatments are timelier than others, so it’s important to talk to your doctor if you’re concerned and thinking about skipping an appointment.