How to turn this year’s all-time high stress into a motivator

The ongoing pandemic, election month and looming holiday season may cause stress levels to be at an all-time high. In fact, three-quarters of Americans say their mental and physical health are being impacted.

Finding the perfect gift, preparing the meals, all the election noise -- all this adds up to one thing! But did you know stress can be good for you?

Stanford researchers have come up with a three-step approach on how to use stress to achieve your goals.

“Stress can help us try to locate our goals and motivate us on some level for our goals,” said Larissa Humiston, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Acknowledging your stress allows you to put a label on what you’re worried about. Our brains shift from a fearful, nervous place, to a place where we can be intentional and decisive.

“When we have awareness, then we have the power to try to do something different with it,” Humiston said.

Accept that you’re stressed and realize that you only worry about things you care for. This will reveal the value behind it and shed it in a positive light.

“We can shift it, and so to me that just, in it of itself, makes it positive, because then we will access resources,” said Humiston.