3 approaches to better eyebrows

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BOCA RATON, Fla. - Eyebrows are one of our most expressive facial features, but if they're misshaped or sparse, they can also be a major feature flaw. 

"For men and fir women, eye brows are a very, very  important sign of youth and beauty," said Dr. Alan Bauman, a hair transplant specialist.

With time, brows become thinner, making us look older.

"You really don't realize until you do your brows, that it changes your face," said Barbara Ippolito, who wanted better brows.

From temporary to permanent, there are several ways to create the perfect brow.

First, tint.  Aesthetician Leah Spairani, with the Wild Hair Salon in Boca Raton, Florida, uses henna to add back youthful color.

"Henna is a leaf that is crushed into a powder and you just add water to it, no chemicals, and then you apply on the eye brow," explained Spairani.

The tint stays on for 30 minutes and the results last up to a month.

A longer lasting option is brow tattooing.  This isn't the same as getting a body tattoo.  The machine and technique are different.

"Techniques used to be a solid line, now we've gotten softer, more natural," explained eyebrow tattoo artist, Debi Richichi. "We can do the browns, the taupes, we can create hair strokes that are three dimensional."

The process takes a couple of hours and is done in two sessions: one to build the brow, the second to perfect it.

"There isn't a lot of pain.  I mean the needle is pricking the skin about the  half width of a dime.  You're not driving the needle into the skin, you're just tapping it," said Richichi.

Brow tattooing needs to be repeated every few years as the tattoo fades. 

The permanent solution is an eye brow transplant.  This is where hair follicles from the back of the scalp are used to fill in sparse areas of the brow.

"You won't see much of anything for maybe a few months then the eyebrows start to kick in and grow and it takes about 9 months to 12 months to see the full result," said Bauman.

Transplanted brows need grooming because the hairs will grow long.  Ippolito opted for tattooing and she loves how it's changed her appearance.

"You feel good.  You feel like you look pretty," she said.

As for the price differences in these three eye brow options, salon tinting runs about $30.  Tattooing can cost anywhere from $350 to $650.  An eyebrow transplant is much more expensive, costing about $8,000.

While researching this story, we did find some dermatologists are having their patients in need of fuller eyebrows try Latisse, which id FDA approved for eyelashes.  Latisse costs about $120 with a doctor's prescription and you would only need a drop for nightly application on the brow.  Something to definitely talk to your dermatologist about.

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